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GOD BOOK OF GOSPEL PLAYS Susan J. Matheson-Bailey


Susan J. Matheson-Bailey

Published July 27th 2015
Kindle Edition
164 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In this book there are people who attend church every Sunday but are not living the life that they portray on Sunday mornings. They may pray, speak in tongues and even slain in the spirit but beyond Sunday they live a life of deceit, adultery, violence and even mockery of the Holy Spirit. In these three plays you will read and encounter three different scenariosTheir stories are heard in this book of gospel plays. Bishop William’s wife, Bridgette is suspicious of his late night church meetings so she had him followed by a private investigator. Will Bridgette be able to handle what the investigator finds out about her beloved husband? Will Mary sustain the brutal abuse of her husband or will her silence break after taking too much?Tamekia’s rebelliousness has led her into a life of promiscuous behavior but will she surrender her life over to the Trinity after her life -altering experience?What will happen to these believers? Will they change their lives of deceit, adultery and mocking of the Holy Spirit? Will they change their life to the Great I Am and truly surrender their soul unto HIM.