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Ambassador POW Abdul Salam Zaeef

Ambassador POW

Abdul Salam Zaeef

Published June 9th 2015
Kindle Edition
132 pages
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 About the Book 

From his bizarre arrest and abduction in Pakistan while still Ambassador for Afghanistan, to the bowels of an American war vessel and the torture chambers of Bagram, to the sanitised dungeons of Guantanamo Bay Prison, this is the remarkable story of Abdul Salaam Zaeef’s journey as a prisoner-of-war at the hands of the United States.At turns horrifying, and at other turns poignant, Abdul Salam Zaeefs account of his treatment and the treatment of other detainees as ‘enemy combatants’ is mesmerising. This book is a call for justice in an increasingly unjust world, while the author’s perseverance, peaceful resistance and unbroken faith in the face of severe oppression and mistreatment is an example of how to break the cycle of violence that sustains the American-led ‘War on Terror’.A must-read for all who are seeking the ‘other side of the story’ of the US-led War on Terror: the atrocities committed at Guantanamo Bay, when mainstream accounts seek to silence the truth.