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Put You Down for a While


Published June 8th 2011
79 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Supernatural & J2 Big Bang 2011 - Sam/DeanSam hasn’t always been in love with Dean. He is now though, and despite his initial reservations, they’re together and they’re happy. Things are surprisingly good between them. Or they are until Dean suddenly starts to shut Sam out without explanation and Sam is driven to making a mistake that Dean might not be able to forgive.Packed full of brother issues and lover issues and angst and jealousy and insecurity and that special kind of dysfunction that only the Winchesters can deliver. A story about a hard time in a relationship, set against a backdrop of fairly ordinary hunting jobs and nosey secondary characters.Artpost: http://spikessire.livejournal.com/100...Words:26505 complete