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Bat City Review Issue 10 2014 Alen Hamza

Bat City Review Issue 10 2014

Alen Hamza

157 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

TABLE OF CONTENTSROGER REEVESDear Desdemona (p)Like a Man with a Mouth Full of Leaves (p)Slave Market (p)Weak Light and Hooves (p)DEBORAH FLANAGANThe Glory of Russian Costume (p)MICHAEL MCGRIFFThe Pattern (p)RENE CHAR translated by NANCY NAOMI CARLSONMigration (p)On the Remarkable Horizon (p)MAKALANI BANDELEWhore of Civil War (p)FERNANDO FLORESthe old man who gets a kick out of watching me walk the desert (p)approbation of my death if i die an old man (p)JAMES SHEAPremium Ice Cream (p)Supervenience (p)PETER TWALIts Better When We Pretend (p)Skyfalling (p)CHRISTOPHER BRUNTScherzo for Children (p)KNAR GAVIN[I Fear They] (p)KAY COSGROVEStudy in Orange (p)JOE HALLLetter to Hank from Robert Duncan as Barb Thinking about Robert Duncan (p)Utopia: Love as Refusal (P)NATHAN HOKSThe Desertion of Affinity (p)Eggs of Affinity (p)Astronavigator of Affinity (p)ERIC WEINSTEINA Meditation in Time of War (p)Poem Ending with a Poem not by Basho (p)CHLOE HONUMJune in Arkansas (p)Revenant (p)EDGAR KUNZHospedaje (p)Dundalk (p)CAROLINE CREWPlastic Sonnet 33 (p)Plastic Sonnet 34 (p)STEPHANIE BERGERTossed to the Sky to Commemorate Her Death (p)Casting a Memory into the Cliff (p)AMORAK HUEYOuroboros, Alabama (p)PHILIP PARDIPlum Blossoms Thinking of Falling (p)JERIKA MARCHAN[Maggot-Breathed, She Was So Sweet It All] (p)JOSHUA RIVKINSome Drugs (p)MICHAEL MARBERRYFrom The Seven Sons of Golden | Third Son (A Daughter) (p)G.C. WALDREPExcerpt from Testament (p)CARRIE FOUNTAINPrayer (Nice Job) (p)Yes (p)GEORGI TENEV translated by ANGELA RODELOn the Beautiful Blue Danube (f)NICK FRANCIS POTTERWinifred, Not a Horse (f)BENJAMIN GUERETTEMove (f)REBECCA EVANHOEThe Red Hands of the Beet Cook (f)ADAM GARDNERPelts (f)VENITA BLACKBURNThere Are No Ninjas in the End