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A Complex Endure Soorain Vahie III

A Complex Endure

Soorain Vahie III

Published April 16th 2014
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 About the Book 

Soorains latest work follows is a gripping, spellbinding journey of a young professional who struggles to reconcile a need to achieve, an important infantile resolve. As he works his way up the corporate ladder, he tangles his relationships with his childhood sweetheart..........It is unique in that its captivating story-line keeps a reader engrossed. Written with a fond admiration for the Indian culture, the author explicates the values of arranged marriages, ascertains the core issues in a marriage, a genuine attempt by two people in love to resolve these, in spite of deep hurt. The author examines the Colonial Era, India division .......and reflects how a United India would have saved a million innocent livers, prevented the procreation………….Saving the world would, at large, ongoing high casualty violence, a fear it lives with and may, for generations. An investigation of generational conflict, this character-driven work voices the real life experiences ………..weaving a complex web of obligation, alliances, and a network…